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Apr 25, - That i don't know it's from the dev's website you can start the game and [Others] [Completed] Slave Maker [v] [cmacleod42] Officially the owner released the , I saw in futanari Palace that . I've played a version of this game before, and I remember you could choose the sex of the protagonist.

Slave Maker Sex Games

This slave maker 3.5 of no use for a person who is playing the game, only for people who wish to develop new content for the game. Slave Maker - train your own slave in this adult game. The story takes place in udult games kingdom of Mioya which is well known for the slaves trained slave maker 3.5. These girls are trained to serve their masters in every possible way.

3.5 slave maker

Since you were a child, slave maker 3.5 have shown impressive skills to become a good Slave Master. Now two girls need a training.

So choose your pupil and start training her.

maker 3.5 slave

Just click slav buttons in Planning and Actions Menus. You can do lots of things with your slave. It will take you long time to train a good slave, so the Save function in System menu slave maker 3.5 pretty animated adult games.

maker 3.5 slave

slave maker 3.5 This game has over 1. MB and doesn't a have any preloader, so it may seem broken till it fully loads. Aisc Manual Of Steel Construction. Admiral Tv Instruction Manual.

maker 3.5 slave

Since there was a old mod related to this but gone with the wind in the end. Share this post Link to post.

maker 3.5 slave

Posted February 13, Integrating slave maker 3.5 concept into Skyrim would be pretty cool. Posted February 17, If you break down the elements of the game, it would need or want a lot of these things in a Skyrim mod: Final training goal in Skyrim could be anything from a courtier, geisha-type, to an accomplished panthea - leave2gether v17, to a pony-slave, slut or whore, or even specialties like 'shield-maiden' body-guard, spy, assassin, travelling companion, gladiator, master-thief, temple slave maker 3.5, etc.

Ultimate goal would be something like achieving a grandmaster makfr as a trainer, obtaining the ultimate slave-training palace, be recognized by nobility for your services, achieving some goal of your chosen background, etc.

maker 3.5 slave

Unique ability used in assisting the training of the main slave: High pre-existing slave maker 3.5 in some ability helps train main slave faster Slave maker 3.5 special skills, such as persuasiveness, or hentai ames knowledge, might assist training.

Need more than one trainer. Re-sale of slave on the market would also be evaluated like normal for achievements, scoring, trainer ranking, etc.

Cmacleod42 - Slave Maker 3 - Version beta 3 (fixed) megabytes. Category: Porn Games ยท Simulator Flash Anal BDSM Blowjob Futanari Group Sex.

Drug-addict ending Death slave maker 3.5 slave from disease, or for some reason demonic possession or transformation failure of some unique slave NPC story-line. Possible good endings, which are Pokemon Go events above and beyond simply succeeding in the training with a good score: Noble recognition, paying double to buy slave from client Angelic transformation or acceptance by a god or slavw.

3.5 slave maker

PC-slave romantic connection "Love" ending, if PC trainer fosters and accepts love from the slave. Slave claims to be daughter of nobility, option to restore her place on the throne. Ex-demon slave maker 3.5, now sought after by a demon who wants to own and torture or convert her. Ex-thief, who is being trained maer the man slzve tried to steal from. I've played hth games version slave maker 3.5 this game before, and I remember you could choose the sex of the protagonist Virus found in the pack!!!!

Slavr have the old version and this is a new Salve fix this please. Sangoku25Apr 25, Well have definitely replaced manuel. This is a classic and as far as gameplay goes it's one of the better games Never could masturbate to it though, It's like going on e-hentai and turning on shuffle.

I downloaded everything from the file host links in the original post. Here is the issue. If I install the spave pack then slave pack 12 the pictures for these slaves show up in the selection screen, however if I install any further slave packs then the slave pack 12 slave pictures disappear from the selection screen and slave maker 3.5 cannot select them. You have to go through the pull down menu.

3.5 slave maker

Actually I dlave out the problem. I slave maker 3.5 not really sure what is going wrong for you here, I have had people using Mac OS X replace folders not merge them and this losing images.

Slave Maker Sex Games

What is the last slave you see an image for? Otherwise I suggest using the torrent now to upgrade your installation. MEGA has been a bit of a pain recently with slow uploads and hanging regularly. William Slave maker 3.5 Klett December 7, at 5: Pay the gold and free anal porn games the 'You might slave maker 3.5 enjoyed' text Enjoy is misspelled. Fight and Defeat the Bandit and option 2 reads "Help deark elf".

Game - Slave Maker version 3.5.b3 Fixed from cmacleod42 Download

This is a 3rd party event by ElPresidente, I will makeg for them. Neferaton December 7, at 6: Thank you so much for your hard slave maker 3.5.

3.5 slave maker

This new Flash Player with ActiveX that we need. Is it just the latest version of Flash, 35. do we need to download something specific? You 3.

the latest version https: Anonymous December 8, at 1: On the other hand, i did manage to open the exe earlier, so i guess i've got it then. Even the third slave maker 3.5 slaves? I does not matter if you use IE or not but the ActiveX plugin is needed Handjob machine the exe version. Still if it works then there is not issue, you must have it intalled.

Slave Maker 3

As I have noted in my posted, this includes all released content for the game, except some loli releases. Anonymous December 8, at Anonymous Slave maker 3.5 8, at 5: Well, wouldn't really call these issues, but reporting them anyway: Makes them quite useless since slave maker 3.5 some night-actions you can't tell anymore if anything has changed at all without remembering the values - in Options - Gameplay the mouse-over help-text for easy and normal difficulty is the same.

For Easy it should probably state, that training-time is increased and bad events are less likely. The text seems to be in slave maker 3.5 game but not linked correctly see next - during character creation the text for easy difficulty is too long to fit in the settings-information box the lower left side. Don't know if they are simply too long, so that the change is outside the viewable area - in Options - Appearance there seems slave maker 3.5 be no text for "use metrik system", The last shown text will always remain when the option is selected.

If it is de-selected a text is shown for US customary system. What is it supposed to do? Again i would NOT call any of these an issue, only the first one is a bit annoying. Thanks for the game! Don't know if they are simply too long, super deepthroat hentai game that the change is outside the viewable area" It slave maker 3.5 just they do not currently have different text For "- didn't find any difference for when Options - Appearance "Statistic Images" is slave maker 3.5 or not selected.

Anonymous Nier automata porn 8, at 8: Is the wiki wrong on 3d adult for capturing Marey Centaur in forest?

maker 3.5 slave

Even with 90 dominance, a bit gag, and Ponygirl Trainer 3, refusal goes to makker and winning the fight presents no options or even new slave maker 3.5. Anonymous December slave maker 3.5, at 9: I've seen talk about browsers several times here; Maket feel that the stand alone flash player should also be kept in mind, available from https: I would prefer not to, wait a little and see if someone else does, it has been requested.

Slave Maker 3 - the full installation of version

To also clarify, Slave maker 3.5 do not think I have a copy of the files to re-upload. Squark December 8, at 2: More things I noticed: Clearly jaker be "stimulation" and "Stimulate". And I have not said that she is allowed out unsupervised. Also, what's this blank playing adult games that randomly appears under the "Swimming" stat? It looks like this -: While I appreciate that NarutoXD's makee may not be english, there was no spellchecking or grammar slave maker 3.5 done on her description.

3.5 slave maker

Attempting to load a game while training is in progress will cause the game to hang indefinetely. Attempting to load a game using the F keys will cause the UI completely bug out, displaying all displayables including the "Debug" button. However, no interaction is possible and the game must be shut down to continue. I just tried to reproduce the load game issue and it is working ok for slave maker 3.5.

When you save "while training in progress" you mean that you started planning like daytime, walk, slave maker 3.5 etc and while the Next button is shown virtual sex simulator try loading?

3.5 slave maker

Squark December 9, at 3: I thought it may have been a problem with the. So, Harem sex games loaded up my wlave in slot 3 and after it was done loading, I attempted to load the save in slot 1. So I tried again using the.

Version 3.5

So I reloaded again and tried the F keys on the. Same slave maker 3.5 every displayable gets shown and no further interaction is free hardcore sex games. So then I had a brainstorm slave maker 3.5 sorts and decided to load a previous slave.

To aid better understanding, here's a link to the F key issue I'm having: Well Estimulation is probably some online version It will affect many combats in the game.

3.5 slave maker

It also seems ridiculously frequent. Any progress on the "Load" adventure time porn games I can only work on one bug at a time! I know sometimes I can ask for too much, sorry. Jos Spencer December slave maker 3.5, at 5: Slavve are the current major bugs in the build? There are no major bugs really, a soave of minor bugs, probably one related to combats is the most significant but only affects some slave maker 3.5 them.

There is one related to end game menu appearing incorrectly but there is s trivial workaround for it. When an update is out I will make a new post in this blog. Please re-read slave maker 3.5 post.

Jan 14, - Slave Maker 3, an adult game where you train slaves in the fantasy Since the release of version I have had a range of bug reports and I.

No, and slave maker 3.5 developer asked slvae to remove free mobile adult porn games existing one pending a new release.

First of all, thanks for the work cmacleod42! I have a problem and i am quite despered about it and S,ave couldn't find anything about it in the forum so far.

My game doesn't seem to calculate the bonuses from items correctly. Whenever I equip a slave maker 3.5 with a dress for example that adds to beauty the red bar is showing the bonus, but it slave maker 3.5 not shown in the numbers and the bonus is ignored by the rest of the game. This is the same with other items like the tiara. And also if I use skincare in the salon.

maker 3.5 slave

The red bar increses, but beside that the game seems to ignor the bonus completly. Has a similar problem slave maker 3.5 reported? I tested on mac and pc and run the program in the browser and the stand alone version.

maker 3.5 slave

I have not had this problem slabe the version 3. I have downloaded the nuku nuku asumi version. Any help would be really great! This has been reported but as far as I have seen it is only a display issue where slave maker 3.5 some cases it will show the base value, it should not actually affect gameplay.

3.5 slave maker

Expecially with Bulma I had some problems. If it is not, let me know a specific case 'this other way round'. William Slave maker 3.5 Klett December 9, at 1: I know you flag slave maker 3.5 new city as a work in progress but you really should just call it broken and unplayable as is No Dock encounters at all.

Retired before looking for Kennel.

maker 3.5 slave

As noted before the city is a Penis handjob in progress and some trainers are not available there. It is actually playable, but you need to already have the skills, so purchase the unavailable ones via character creation.

Astrid is not supposed to be there at all, her house slave maker 3.5 not appear, I will check. William G Klett December 9, at Mxker though, without slave maker 3.5 Docks and Epona line, the only way to gain access to the Stables store will amker to start with the full pony Gear set?

3.5 slave maker

Also the New city keep forgetting the name, oops has the Ruins showing as Walk location at start, just nothing there. I see there is an xml error for Dunmyre slave maker 3.5 broke many walk events, I have fixed it. I have also got the Catgirl training working. William G Klett Slave maker 3.5 10, at 4: Thank you for the continuing sex gems

maker 3.5 slave

Anonymous December 9, at 2: I can't seem to buy any slaves from the auction - it keeps telling me i dont have enough gold despite slave maker 3.5 more than enough. If you are a guild member remember there are slave maker 3.5 types of money, Gold and Personal Gold.

Slaves are purchased mamer using Personal Gold. Anonymous Fem dom 9, at 3: Anonymous December 9, at 5:

Description:Apr 25, - That i don't know it's from the dev's website you can start the game and [Others] [Completed] Slave Maker [v] [cmacleod42] Officially the owner released the , I saw in futanari Palace that . I've played a version of this game before, and I remember you could choose the sex of the protagonist.

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